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November 2023 - Synple Space now searchable on BioSolveIT's InfiniSee

BioSolveIT and Synple worked together to make Synple's chemical space searchable. Using BioSolveIT's InfiniSee everyone can now search Synple trillion sized space in the matter of minutes using a standard computer.

The space file is available on request. Please contact us

More on InfiniSee here.


September 2023 - EFMC-ASMC - Zagreb

Yet another one of our publications was just accepted in RSC Digital Discovery. Here we discuss the quick automated synthesis of a small PRTOAC library using the Synple platform.

Read the full article here.


May 2023 - New peer reviewed publication from Synple (PROTACs)

Yet another one of our publications was just accepted in RSC Digital Discovery. Here we discuss the quick automated synthesis of a small PRTOAC library using the Synple platform.

Read the full article here.


April 2023 - New peer reviewed publication on Synple's Suzuki method

Our new peer-reviewed paper on the Suzuki capsules and method has been accepted and published in Organic letters. Here we discuss in detail the development work, how this application works and show the scope of the automated capsule based Suzuki-Miyaura Cross Coupling. Thank you to the team for their work in writing this piece.

Read the full article here.


October 2022 - Publication using the Synple Chem Platform

Our collaborator at ETH just published their exciting results in Chemical Science waiting now for peer revision. They were using the Synple platform to quickly and reliably make a library of compounds in a fully automated way. The time benefits are also clearly shown. Congratulations to Angus for this great piece.
Read the full article here.


September 2022 - EFMC-ISMC - Nice

Synple will be exhibiting the Synple 2 instrument in Nice at the EFMC. We look forward to meeting you at our booth. Eat some Swiss Chocolate while checking out our new cartridge developments.
Find more information here

October 2021 - Synple selected as winner of the i4 challenge

Synple was selected as one of the winners of the i4 challenge. This competition focuses on young companies who advance in new technologies based on interconnectivity, automation, machine learning, real-time data, AI, teams and organization, and new business models. 
A big thank you to the jury and the Basel Area team for their time and support!
Find out more on the i4 challenge here

April 2021 - Publication of Synple Chem's Technology in Chemical Science

A new peer-reviewed article was accepted for ACS Chemical Science. It gives a great insight in the reaction development and how the techology works. Also the article is available as open access publication. Read the article here

March 2020 - TOP 100 startups that equip the labs of tomorrow

We are very proud to have been featured as a World Shaper of the Labs of Tomorrow! Thank you for the support.

Read the full report here

February 2020 - Swiss Economic Award for young companies

Thank you for selecting Synple in the last 15 young companies for the Award. We wish all the best to the other nominees

Find more information here

December 2020 - Synple Chem 2020 roundup video

Watch our roundup video of 2020 where we look back on the challenges and achievements of the year. Thank you for your support!

November 2020 - Publication of Synple Chem's Technology in Chimia

Synple Chem's story and how the technology works was featured in the recent publication of Chimia together with other great chemistry startups in Switzerland. Find out more about the Synple Chem article or read all the articles here

September 2020 - Partnership Charles River and Synple Chem

Charles River is now fully equipped to run Synple reaction for you in their lab.
With this collaborative approach you can benefit from both Synple's technology and Charles River's extensive expertise!

August 2020 - RSC Emerging Technologies Competition

We are delighted to have been selected as one of the six finalists in the RSC Emerging Technologies competition in the enabling technologies group! We are looking forward to the final pitch and meeting the other finalists!

February 2020 - Roadshow

We will be on the road in the UK and US to present our Synple 2 from April and happy to visit your lab. Just send us a short message!

If you currently can't receive any guests just join our webinars or ask us for a videocall.

January 2020 - Automated Parallel Synthesis

We are excited to announce the new Synple Unity platform is available. Connect seveal Synple 2 devices and generate many new compounds fast and easy. More information: here

December 2019 - Race of chemist vs. Synple 1

Check out our new video, where we compare a reaction carried out by a trained chemist vs the Synple 1 machine: HERE

November 2019 - Synple 2 is now available!

Our next generation device Synple 2 is now available. It offers a range of new features and also comes in a much more compact form.

November 2019 - Automated Synthesis Forum (Glasgow) 2019

We are exhibiting our machine in Glasgow at the ASF 2019. Stop bye and have a chat with us!

For more information read more here: Automated Synthesis Forum 2019

September 2019 - EU - SME Instrument Phase I

We received funding for one of our new developments from the European Commission (SME Instrument Ph1 Grant)

September 2019 - 20th SCI/RSC Medicinal Chemistry Symposium

Right after the EFMC we are heading over to the UK to show our technology at the SCI/RSC Medicinal Chemistry Symposium. So if you didn't get the chance in Athens, we hope to see you in Cambridge!  

For more information read more here: SCI/RSC Med. Chem. Symposium


September 2019 - EFMC ASMC - Athens

We are delighted to show our technology this year again at the EFMC in Athens. We look forward to meeting you at our stand.

For more information read more here: EFMC ASMC


June 2019 - Download new poster

We have released a new poster about the technology and the combination of N-Heterocycle formation and reductive amination on one machine.

June 2019 - 2nd RSC Anglo-Nordic Medicinal Chemistry Symposium

We will be showing our technology at the 2nd RSC Anglo-Nordic Medicinal Chemsitry Symposium in Snekkersten, Denmark.
We invite you to find out more about the instrument at our stand. Please stop by!
More information: here

May 2019 - 30th Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry in Eastern England

We will be displaying our new poster at the 30th Symposium on Medicinal Chemistry in Eastern England in Hatfield, UK. 
We are happy to present our technology to you. Please stop by!
More information: here 


April 2019 - Automation: Chemistry shoots for the Moon

Our technology was mentioned in a recent Technology Feature in Nature. It is exiting to see the current drive and the innovations in this field.
To read the article click here: Nature Technology Feature


March 2019 - Publication available on ChemRxiv

Our first publication about the technology together with the Bode group at ETH Zurich is now available as Pre-Print on ChemRxiv
For more information please click here: An Integrated Console for Capsule-Based, Fully Automated Organic Synthesis


February 2019 - InnoBooster

We are delighted and very proud to be the recipients of InnoBooster funding! This will support the development of a brand new reaction class for our technology.

For more information about InnoBooster click here: Gebert Rüf Stiftung Innobooster


November 2018 - Swiss Innovation Forum

We were happy to join QUO at their booth at the Swiss Innovation Forum in Basel this year with our synthesizer. It was inspiring seeing so many new technologies and ideas at the conference.

For more information read more here:


October 2018 - New reaction class available

Our latest application enables cartridge-based reductive amination reactions (more information here) using almost any combination of aldehydes and ketones with primary or secondary amines.



October 2018 - UKASF - UK Automated Synthesis Forum

Synple Chem were honoured to be invited to speak at the UK Automated Synthesis Forum 2018, held at the AstraZeneca Macclesfield site in October. Our CEO, Benedikt Wanner, presented the technology and all its benefits and we enjoyed many fruitful discussions afterwards.

For more information read more here: UKASF


September 2018 - EFMC ISMC

September 2018 marked our first exhibition and showcasing of the technology at the EFMC-ISMC in Ljubliana, Slovenia. It was a great meeting and we were delighted at the level of interest in our technology. Please contact us for more details on our Capsule Chemistry at the Touch of a Button!

For more information read more here: EFMC ISMC


March 2018 - Winner of Science4Life Competition

Synple Chem has been named as one the 10 winners in the Science4life Venture Cup (concept phase)! We are highly delighted to have been recognised in this prestigious competition. Science4Life is one of the oldest and most important Startup Competitions in Germany with support from industry and politics.

For more information read more here:


January 2018 - CTI Grant

Synple Chem is delighted to announce that it has received a CTI grant from the Swiss government.

The grant, from the Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI), will support a collaboration with the group of Professor Jeffrey Bode at ETH-Zürich. 

The 18 month project, funded by the CTI grant, will allow us to develop new capsule-based machines and applications for organic synthesis.

For this collaboration the Bode Group at ETH Zürich is looking to fill a postdoc position for 18 month to work on this project. The requirements include experience in organic synthesis; advantageous is experience in flow chemistry. If you are interested please send applications to and .

October 2017 - CPhI

If you want to learn how to make synthesis very easy and how you can increase your efficiency in the lab please visit us at the CPhI for a chat.

We are very happy to be there with Senn Chemicals and Christof Senn Laboratories.

Frankfurt a. Main - Germany
24.10.2017 – 26.10.2017
Booth 111F45 (Senn Chemicals)

More information about the CPhi you can find here:

September 2017 - Top 100 Startup Award

Synple Chem ranked 70th Technology in the Top 100 Startup Award. We are very happy to be in this ranking with so many other fantastic companies just one year after founding. Thank you!

Read more here:

August 2017 - ETH Industry Day

We will be at the ETH Industry in August to exhibit our products and new prototype. Please find us and ask your questions!

March 2017 - Spark Award 2017

Synple Chem's Technology is voted to be one the Top 20 Inventions of 2017. Thank you!

Read more here:

Dezember 2016 - Venture Kick: Stage 1

Synple Chem wins Venture Kick Stage 1. We are looking forward to Stage 2!

Read more here: