Synple reaction kits

Direct to Biology: Take advantage of Synple's pre-optimized conditions

Labs today are already crowded and footprint for new instruments is not easy to secure. Now it is possible to make use of what you already have and still benefit from Synple’s pre-optimized reaction conditions and the pre-weighed, pre-formatted, pre-packed reagents and product isolation materials, without the need for specific new instruments!

With optimal reaction conditions already identified, Synple Chem Reaction Kits come preloaded with reagents for the transformation as well as product isolation materials, making them ideally suited multistep synthesis without the need for additional purification and also for a direct-to-biology approach, thanks to the integrated crude purification.

The step by step instructions provided enable direct use with either an automated liquid handler or simple manual pipettes, greatly minimizing the time needed to set up and successfully run reactions in parallel.

Reaction kits version are available for all cartridge chemistry applications (see here).

Choose your Synple Reaction Kit

Synple Reaction Kits can be supplied in various quantities and formats, giving you the flexibility to run any number of reactions on a range of scales. Single Reaction Kits are ideal for running for less than 10 reactions. Supplied as a deconstructed version of the Synple cartridges, the reagents for the transformation are supplied in glass vials, with the product isolation materials in an SPE format, the kits come with step by step instructions for direct use without any need for optimization.

Array synthesis with Synple Reaction Kits

Synple Reaction Kits can also be supplied for the synthesis of multiple compounds in parallel. Working with your existing equipment and workflows, our kits are also available for 12, 24, 48 and 96 compound arrays. With pre-weighed reagents and an integrated product isolation step, the Synple Reaction Kits offer several key advantages for the preparation of multiple compounds in parallel:

  • flexible scale
  • automation friendly
  • time saving
  • cost saving
  • Direct to Biology


96-Well Plate Kits

Optimized for use on a 20 uM scale, the 96-well plate Synple Reaction Kits contain a Reaction Plate with the reagents needed for the transformation itself, a Workup Plate with the product isolation materials, as well as a Collection Plate for the newly formed products.

With all reaction and process optimization already taken care of by Synple, the easy to follow step-by-step instructions ensure that the kits can be used directly, and without further optimization, either manually or with a range of liquid handlers.

Offering >70% synthesis success rate, and good levels of purity directly from the Workup Plate, sufficient product (1-5 mg) can easily be obtained for biological testing.

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